Berkeley's Only Remote Work Club

What can your workday be at WorkBistro?

Work locally
and live fully.
Ditch the office and the commute.
WorkBistro offers fantastic focus, unlimited coffee, and premium office amenities.

Neighborhood Mentality

WorkBistro is Redefining Remote Work in the Suburbs

Reduce Your Commute

WorkBistro is close to home. Leave the car and hop on a bike to our conveniently located Poet's Corner space. Remote work as it should be.

Coffee Shop
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Great Space in Reach

WorkBistro is a beautifully designed workspace outfit with standing desks, phone booths, ergonomic chairs, and phone booths from just $5 an hour.

Uniquely Local

We pride ourselves on being Berkeley local. We live in Berkeley, work in Berkeley, and partner with Berkeley brands to give a truly local experience  

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Working to Fit Your Needs

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Touch Down

grab a desk for an hour, day or month

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settle in with a beautiful private oasis

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connect, collaborate, and host clients

Don't forget

When you work from WorkBistro, you have complimentary access to delicious coffee and kombucha

Interior of a Cafe

Get in touch

Tired of working from your house, but dreading returning to the commute? Drop us a line and find out how you can join us at WorkBistro:

(650) 713-2974